To not be a Sissy in your Writing

“When I started taking fish oils in 1996, they looked at me like a freak, ate a ‘healthy’ candy bar and laughed. When I was talking about Paleo at 1997, they were ‘one step ahead of me’ with their high-carb-low fat-calorie-counting meals. When I was talking about Crossfit at 2003 – they thought I was a lunatic and that it was a passing trend. When I started playing around with Handbalancing, Gymnastics and combined it with heavy squatting and Olifting as well as organic movement disciplines at 2004 – they were training in the local high tech health club and incorporated hot yoga and machine training to get an ‘obvious edge’ on me. I am still amazed by people’s inability to SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LISTEN. ~ Ido Portal

I have a soft spot for thinkers like this. It is the style of my favorite writers: they take a position and do not try to preempt criticism by listing all the (insignificant) instances where their statement is not valid. There is confidence, even boldness in this attitude.

Goethe already said that it is extremely self-evident that to any general rule there are exceptions. It is simply not necessary to point them out.

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